Tomomi Imura

Developer Advocate | Slack

Tomomi Imura

Tomomi is an avid open web and technology advocate, full-stack web engineer, also a creative technologist, who had been in working for Developer Relations in 5 companies, including the current gig at Slack in San Francisco. When she is not at work, she still geeks around and hacks with Raspberry Pi for cats, and Amazon Dash to Rickroll people.


Get discovered with creative developer contents

Developer acquisition and adoption don't go proportionally to the quality of your platform, APIs, dev tools etc. If developers out there have never heard of your products, you fail no matter how awesome your developer offerings are. You must be discovered first, and getting discovered is not so easy.

In this talk, Tomomi Imura will share her experiences at various companies, including large corporates to start-ups and how she created developer-centric contents and docs to drive the community and acquire new developers.


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