Romain Huet

Developer Relations Lead | Stripe

Romain Huet

Romain leads global developer relations at Stripe. He joined Stripe from Twitter, where he was a Senior Developer Advocate and the first member of Twitter’s developer relations team outside the US. In 2014, Romain helped launch Fabric, Twitter’s mobile development platform, and Digits, a way for people to securely sign in to apps with their phone number rather than a password. Romain’s worldwide developer tour has led him to meet thousands of developers at events and conferences in dozens of cities across the US, Europe and Asia.


Building for builders: tips for designing a great API and supporting developers

In their role shaping the technology that the world increasingly runs on, software developers have had an outsized impact on our economy. Yet even major tech companies haven’t always kept pace with developers’ needs. Join Romain Huet as he discusses what’s truly critical for providing a great developer experience, including SDKs, personalized API reference documentation, non-breaking API changes, and how better tools can help increase the leverage of developers around the world.


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