Josh Dzielak

Developer Advocate | Algolia

Josh Dzielak

Passionate engineer and entrepreneur. Open source contributor and champion of an open, accessible web. Currently into distributed systems, organizational design, and sustainable engineering cultures. Occasional writer and speaker. Supporter of equality in tech, and everywhere else.


Bots, hooks and functions: A lean approach to scaling developer success

The free tier of many APIs, including Algolia, comes with "Community Support". What does that mean? Does it imply that the company making the API isn't responsible for the success of its free tier developers? At Algolia we don't think so. We take community support very seriously. This talk will introduce recent automation work done by Algolia's Developer Experience and Developer Advocacy teams designed to get the whole engineering team involved in community developer success. We'll describe how we've replaced repetitive tasks with a network of bots, webhooks and cloud functions that make participation easy and rewarding. Join us and learn how a little automation can give you and your developer community a lot of time back.

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