Grace Francisco

VP, Developer Relations | Roblox

Grace Francisco

Grace is the VP of Developer Relations at Roblox. She is responsible for leading developer and educational programs and engaging with a growing community of 1.7 million developers to empower them across multiple platforms. A seasoned developer relations leader with over 12 years of experience, she has co-authored three patents and led worldwide developer initiatives at Microsoft, Intuit, and Atlassian.


Gloriously global!

Leading a global team can be incredibly enriching and rewarding. The diversity of a global team and community, as well as travel provide ongoing learning opportunities. However, while we may have some romantic notions about what it means to work in a global team there are also the everyday pragmatics and challenges we need to consider.

This session is primarily targeted at developer relations leaders and covers:

  • Planning and budgeting
  • Events as an investment
  • Hiring unicorns
  • Scaling your reach
  • Lessons learned from managing a globally distributed devrel org

You’ll walk away with some practical insights from a 12+ year vet in developer relations.


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