Francesca Krihely

Senior Manager, Developer Advocacy | MongoDB

Francesca Krihely

Francesca has run Community and Developer relations programs since the early days of MongoDB, and has been a strong force in the growth of the open source community. Her work has been featured in the RelationshipOne Podcast, for her expertise in managing advocacy programs and measuring content ROI and was designated Influitive’s Advocate of the Month, for her thought leadership around [developer engagement and social media. Francesca believes that the best community leaders always need to try something new, so she dabbles in many hobbies which currently include rock climbing and cooking. She is a graduate of Oberlin College and currently lives in Brooklyn.


Finding the giants: creating and nurturing community advocates

A developer community requires advocates and contributors to thrive. As a Developer Advocate, community manager, or open source lead, your work in developing and empowering those advocates can accelerate the development of your software, ensure user success, and amplify your marketing.

In this session, I will walk you through how you can build champions for your product or service, taking insights from the open source world. I’ll draw upon my experiences running a distributed user group network, software bug hunts, advocacy gamification platform, leadership programs, developer advocacy and more at MongoDB to help you understand the building blocks of building a thriving community. At the end of the session, attendees should understand how to engage and reward active community advocates, foster leadership and measure and communicate success to their teams.

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