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Cristiano Bettar

Cristiano is a Developer Experience consultant who helps companies small and large to improve the onboarding, activation, and support of developers. In the past, he has worked at PayPal as a Senior Developer Advocate and ran events with his friends at Geeks of London. He also works with Virgil Security as a Senior Developer Advocate and Developer Experience Designer.


The seven deadly sins of developer onboarding

Have you ever tried to use a new API or developer tool that was recommended to you, only to rage-quit your browser after 30 minutes of circling back and forward between the documentation and the developer dashboard? If so, this talk will provide some cathartic relief for all of you.

In this talk, Cristiano Betta, a developer experience expert at his own company, shows us the seven deadly sins of developer onboarding. Taking us step by step through each one, showcasing how even big companies like Twilio and Stripe occasionally get it wrong. Along the way he highlights the common misconceptions and anti-patterns most developers and user experience designers fall for. By the end, you will have had some laughs, some cries, and hopefully learned that user-centered design can be applied to every user, even developers.


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