Carter Morgan

Developer Programs Engineer | Google

Carter Morgan

Carter Morgan, a Developer Programs Engineer at Google, co-created the Udacity course "Scalable Microservices with Kubernetes" and presented "Best Practices for Orchestrating the Cloud with Kubernetes" at Google IO16. On the side, he teaches presentation skills to other Googlers. Before Google, Carter was coding for the United States Air Force and for Microsoft. In his free time, he's a regular in the local Seattle standup comedy scene.


Quads: a year in dev rel at Google


As Developer Advocates / Evangelists, our job is to influence people.

Sometimes those people are internal (such as product developers or product managers) and sometimes those people are external (such as customers).

Google is constantly trying to find new ways to do this effectively and recently I had the chance to be part of a new experiment at Google:

Cross-functional "Quads".

In this talk, I'll cover the experiment and a few other methods for effectively influencing the people working on and with our products.


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