Bear Douglas

Developer Advocacy Lead | Slack

Bear Douglas

Aear Douglas is a Developer Advocate at Slack, where she helps people build tools to make their work lives better. Before Slack, she worked on dev rel for mobile (Fabric) and data (GNIP) at Twitter, and at Facebook on their mobile platform and Parse. She's generally happy to help you out with your questions, and at the very least is a pretty good rubber duck.


Building positive developer support experiences

No matter how well designed your onboarding, or how beautifully written your docs, developers using your platform will come to you for help at some point. What will they find when they look? A community forum, a help email, a Twitter account? Will they have to pay to ask a question or can they do it for free? Do they have to be a particular type of person to get answered? This talk will focus on the impact that these choices-- and your organization's cultural attitudes toward the role of support-- can have on customer satisfaction and on the developer community you build.


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