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Amelia Abreu

Amelia Abreu is a freelance design researcher specializing in Developer Experience, working with teams and organizations including Nike, Mozilla, Microsoft Research, Intel, and Wal-Mart. She holds graduate degrees in Human Computer Interaction and Information Studies from the University of Washington and the University of Texas-Austin. Based in Portland, OR, she is the founder of UX Night School, a community-based user experience skills training workshop. She is currently writing a book about technology and care - her writing has been featured in The New Inquiry, Motherboard, Model View Culture, and the BBC.


How user research can improve the developer experience

The developer experience is rarely “one-size fits all”. Though many Dev Tools are created through a “roll-your-own” process, end users will often differ wildly in their background, approach, and mental models than the core engineering team that conceived the product. How do we bridge the gap, and provide a better developer experience for all developers?

This talk will present some of the user studies I’ve worked on focused on developer experience. I’ll share general findings and trends, and cover some of the how-to’s of User Research. The Developer Experience is often a learning experience, and I argue that improving the user experience of tools for generalist developers can lead to improvements in usability and accessibility for developers at all levels of expertise.

To conclude, I’ll share design principles and tactical examples for improving the developer experience, and discuss ways in which we can effectively advocate for (and implement!) usability and user experience improvements.

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